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Water Quality Sampling Protocol

The overall goal of this guide is to provide consistent field sampling protocols for the many authorities and individuals who need information about water quality. However, it is not intended to replace a sampling plan. The Spanish version of this guide is also available to address emerging concerns about environmental sampling along the U.S.-Mexico border. Improving water quality management along the border requires integrated sampling and analysis protocols, which may encourage the creation of this manual. Although this manual describes the state of scientific technology, sampling methods and technologies are still subject to change. The intention of this manual is not to limit sampling techniques, but to provide a common protocol that can be compared to other techniques. In this way, those who wish to use other methods or equipment can do so provided that these deviations, when they occur, are documented in the field logbook and in the final sampling report. This field manual is intended to serve as a field reference guide for the collection of water quality samples in surface water and groundwater. For more information, see Arizona Department of Environmental Quality reference materials and other sources. Before sampling water quality at the site, separate training should be provided.